Big data in Economics, Science, and Technology Society

About The B.E.S.T. Society

The stability and sustainability of economic and legal systems are important for long-term global prosperity. In addition to stable financial systems, economic sustainability also depends on reliable healthcare systems, secure computer networks, dependable transportation, and solid infrastructure, to name a few. In this environment of rapid technological development, science and technology play an essential role in modeling and forecasting future economic and societal outcomes.

Statistical physics and network theory offer new analytical approaches to studying economic development and the interconnectivity of the global economy’s underlying systems.

Interdisciplinary research’s importance is growing. Multidisciplinary studies have been conducted in many aspects of global financial systems, cybersecurity, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure. Studies show that societies function as interconnected, interdependent networks. There are significant relationships between traditional and innovative economic trends. Researchers have developed tools to measure risk propagation through financial networks. Yet, some concentrate on data mining, spreading the wing of researchers who explore, analyze, and investigate a wide range of global economic data available today, including traditional macroeconomic indicators and novel securities such as cryptocurrencies.

The BEST interdisciplinary conference intends to cover various research aspects affecting communities and global development, attracting researchers from multiple scientific fields. Some of the topics covered at the conference are:

・Network Analysis and Complexity Science
・Modeling and Simulations of Financial Networks
・Health Informatics and Health Economics
・Risk Evaluation and Mitigation
・Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrencies
・Business Cycles and Economic Trends
・Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing
・Climate Change and Sustainability
・Public Health Crises’ Effects on Societies
・Cybercrime Investigation

Past conferences,

2013 Kyoto, Japan (FNET)
2014 Maui, Hawaii, USA
2015 Ohrid, Macedonia
2016 Bali, Indonesia
2017 Phuket, Thailand
2018 Kassandra, Greece
2019 Buenos Aires, Argentine
2021 Belgrade, Serbia
2022 Maui, Hawaii

Activities: Managing the B.E.S.T. Conferences
(and workshops/schools,publishing proccedings and books etc.)